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2016 06-09
Natural characteristics of copper alloys

Metal copper, element symbol Cu, atomic weight 63.54, specific gravity 8.92, melting point 1083oC. Copper is shallow rosy or pink, formed on the surface of copper oxide film, the appearance of a coppe...

2016 06-08
Knowledge of various copper alloys

Brass is a copper alloy of copper and zinc. Brass mechanical properties and wear resistance are very good, can be used in the manufacture of precision instruments, ship parts, guns and shells etc.. Br...

2016 06-08
The difference between the copper brass, tin bronz...

Copper rose red metal, copper oxide film formed on the surface after the purple copper copper or copper is often called. The density is 8-9g/cm3 and the melting point is 1083 degrees C. Pure copper is...

2016 06-08
The output of copper prices continue to bottom pil...

Domestic refined copper, copper concentrate supply remains adequate, with the rising premium of Yangshan Free Trade Area, trade imports of refined copper demand will be restored, the second half of re...

2016 06-08
Imports of copper concentrate in 2016 will be two ...

The latest Chinese customs data show that in 2016 February China copper ores and concentrates imports amounted to 1 million 460 thousand tons, compared with the previous month lows a substantial rebou...